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wo bist du geliebter

ich kann dich nicht sehen

doch ich spür dich nah bei mir

durch das hohe gras gehen

wenn die blumen sich wiegen

jeder halm sich sanft neigt

wenn am morgen der nebel aus dem koselbruch steigt

komm zu mir als rabe

komm zu mir im wind

komm zu mir als wolf

dass vereint wir wieder sind

komm zu mir im traum

komm zu mir im wald

mein herz erkennt dich immer und in jeder gestalt


ASP - mein Herz erkennt dich immer 

17.9.08 17:43



Did I ever say that I HATE people who always say how important it is to be honest and talk about problems with the concerned person and never do it. Just like one (I always thought she is my best friend) is doing to me now.

but that is some stuff she was always really good at. saying what has to be done but never do so. but now the difference is, its about me and everyone knows cause she can talk to all her "freinds" but not to me. 

nobody wants to tell me because they don't want to betray her. I can understand that a little. But why did she talk to them about her problem with me. thats just our business. But I still dont know what the problem is, that she seems to have. 

since two weeks I didn't hear a word, she doesn't answer my phonecalls and SMS.

I am desperated and disapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I cannot trust her anymore. And if we are going to talk about it one day I dont think that it can become a friendship like i always thought it was.

You should see me right now. I dont want to see myself. It looks not so healthy anymore.

the only one who is always with me is my cat. she is always there for me.

and sorry that my english is so disgusting today. but I am not able to write properly. 

14.9.08 21:18


It's been a really long time since I updated anything here. it's even been a long time since a took a look on this page.

so I decided to do something a change some things.

today I was in the tatoostudio with Caro. Cause she now wanted a tatoo too, but she is really sensitive. it hurt  so much, that she said, she will never do that again. 

but it was really funny for me, to look at. hihi!

 on friday I guess I'm going to the piercingstudio, to get my eyebrow pierced.

 actually I wanted to go to the hairdresser too, but I think I'm doin this next month.

okay, some short updates and now I have to run away again.

bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

6.5.08 21:32


I wish everybody a happy new year.

may it be better as the last one. (it can't be worse)

3.1.08 17:10

it's chirstmas time

right, and that means it's time for "Kasparbuden-Sightseeing". Some people in the area where I live,  love to decorate their garden and house like a circus. It's so awful. Really funny to drive around in a car and watch it. Sometimes I really like to vomit, when I see this stuff.
8.12.07 15:59


it's been a while since I posted here, but actually I had no time for this.

I pierced my left ear again and this time it hurts. that's quite interesting cause normally it does not hurt but this time it really does hurt. and it bleeded really nice. I thought I gonna die. it's been a while since I lost so much blood in such a short time.

on saturday Säbraini is going to celebrate her birhtday,  hopefully there will be someone who takes me home, cause I think I won't find the way all by myself.

And Sabrina you said that you cannot come? I can't believe it. you can't leave me there all alone. well, don't worry I think I'm gonna survive.

bai bai

3.10.07 21:26

birthday party

tomorrow's the birthday of my Mum and Grandma.


the whole family is coming


Oh, I'm so sarcastic.

Yesterday Säbraini and me were at the piercing studio. we got Säbrainis lower lip on the left side pierced. It looks really cool.

I have to do some things now.

see ya

15.8.07 23:38

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