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I can tell ya, I'm really insane. Just like all of my friends. I'm born in 1986 but if you would ask Säbraini it's normally 1886. (long story. I don't wanna tell). Anyways, I'm really old and small and I guess too thin (ask my granny, she thinks I'm anorexic) Well, normally my hair is just black, but somtimes I got red or blue highlights. (I guess it's time for me to get a new haircut) I used to have really short hair but I was so sick of people thinking I'm a 14 year old boy, so now they're long again. I always keep wide distances to kitchens, 'cause I cannot and should not cook, that would be dangerous. and of course wide distances to children. I am really disgusted with them. But I now know, that asshole children always do have asshole parents.

stuff I like:

Bands: The Gazette, LM.C, dir en grey, d'espairs ray, alice nine, ayabie, miyavi, kagerou, nightmare, AnCafe (when I'm drunk), BIS, L'arc en ciel, SID, SuG, Unsraw, Mois dix moi (sometimes), Versailles, Matenrou Opera, Vidoll, Metallica, slipknot, Linkin Park (but not the new album), Apocalyptica, Blind Guardian, children of bodom, disturbed, Good Charlotte, Green Day, HIM, P.O.D., Simple Plan, The 69 eyes, Panic! at the disco, Jimmy eat world, Tool, Bullet for my valentine (sometimes), Angels and Airwaves, Blink 182, the rasmus, lordi (just sometimes), nightwish, ASP, Sabaton

Musicians: Hyde, Yuki (drummer for Versailles), Yuu (drummer for matenrou opera), Aoi (guitarist for the gazette)[I love starring at his fingers while he is playing], Shinya (drummer for dir en grey)

Actors: Tom Schilling, Robert Stadlober, Daniel Brühl, Jürgen Vogel, Richy Müller, Johnny Depp, Carry Grant, Heinz Rühmann, Gary Oldman

Movies: Moon Child, Kagen no tsuki, death note, Pirates of the caribbean, the lord of the rings, ... just all of my dvd's, but I don't want to list 200 Movies here.

Animes: death note, avatar, pokemon, naruto


Hobbies: playing piano and drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, singing, writing and composing songs, karate, playing snooker, soccer, drawing



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