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die Liebe, von der ich nicht mal zu Träumen gewagt hätte. Der Grund, weshalb ich morgens aufstehe. Der Sinn meines Lebens.
Liebevoll, witzig, charmant und etwas verrückt. ich gebe dich nie wieder her.

guinea pig (caro): Well, what shall I say. It's just caro and she's becoming like her pets everyday more and more. I still wait for the day she gets fur.

Säbraini: sometimes she needs a little more time to think and that's funny. She is always laughing about every fucking stupid shit. Even if you say Sabrina, you are dumb! she laughs. And sometimes her tea comes out through her nose, especially when you look at her.

Melli: I really love Melli but she always thinks about sex. I don't know why. At Säbraini's birthday we wrote a new Kamasutra. Guess whose idea it was.

Sabrina: It's good to know that there is someone on this planet who got more injured in her life than me.

Bob (Naoki): weird, weird, weird. He can cook and that's good otherwise some peolpe had died that one friday on my japanese eating party.

Fabien: what shall I say about him? He is weird and sometimes asks strange questions. He normally isn't listening, but if you say something about sex he is the best listener ever. And he is always late.

Chibi: she is really nice and I always have fun when talking to her or should I better say writing? She is always laughing and fooling around.

Enrico: I never met a guy, who can talk that much without a break. Sometimes I think he is not even breathing between sentences.

Sandy: she is really nice and it's always funny, when she's around. she's lovely.

Ringo: normally he is a silent guy, but when he is drinking, he becomes really ADD.

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