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This is going to be really strange:

I have two cats: a fat cat and a thin cat.

The fat cats name is Shawnee but we just call her Shaw

The thin cats name is Pandora, just called Pandi

They are sisters but so different. Shaw is fucking lazy. When she sits in front of the stairs, cause she wants to go up, she waits until someones coming and pretending to be a cat-elevator. Pandi cannot be carried, cause she is afraid of hights, but she still loves to climb a tree. Sometimes Shaw climbs trees too but she can't come down by herself, though I have to climb the tree to get the cat down.

They are born on the fifth of april in 2003.

Shaw is afraid of her own tail. Always when she sniffs at it, she gets angry, starts hissing and growling and then just runs away.


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